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Mice in the city:New York 

Play a game of hide-and-squeak with all of New York’s mice.
They’re flocking to the famous sights, so make sure you look twice!
A stripy cat and Marilyn Mouse peep out of every page. And every building’s packed with mice: the city is their stage!Every page is teeming with surprises and invites children to play ‘hide-and-squeak’ with a black-and-white cat, a mouse in a bee costume and a mysterious wrapped gift hidden on every page. This is one of series books of 'Mice in the city'. 

Please find 'Mice in the city:New York' at the link below. 


Chinese simplified. More editions are forthcoming! 


2019, Applied Arts Magazine, Youngblood entire illustration winner, Toronto, Canada

2019, Ananas Illustration, Finalist, Beijing, China 

2019, Communication Arts Magazine, shortlisted, Menlo Park, CA, US 

2018, 3x3 Illustration picture book shows Annual No.16 Merit, New York, US 




"A fun and vibrant tour of New York City and its most iconic landmarks, with a game of hide-and-squeak along the way." -Picturebooks blogger 

"These gorgeous books make you want to pick them up and lose yourself for five minutes poring over illustrations of iconic landmarks in the big city." - My book corner 

"Every page is teeming with surprise and young children will have something new to spot every time they open the book. " -Absolutely Mama 

"Every illustration is full of things to delight and entertain. " -Red reading hub 

"The reader is taken on an informative tour of the top 14 iconic sights in New York City, but throw in over 1800 whimsical little mice doing what city dwellers do best, and you have an absolutely exhilarating journey! " -New york journal of book 

"You don't have to be able to read to enjoy these drawings because they'll make you laugh." -Kid's bookbuzz 

"An engrossing picturebook which will keep readers of all ages busy searching and spotting! " 

-Children's books Ireland 

"Intricate illustrations of mice and their surroundings are presented in minute detail, and in fantastic and hilarious situations. Prepare to laugh and enjoy yourself, no matter what age you are. "-Kid's book review 

 "Each location features a highly detailed illustration in which surprises abound. " -Cracking the cover

"All the shenanigans of the darling little mice have me completely won over and I’m excited to see if there will be a third installment to this series.  It’s so cute! "-Booknerdmommy


My book Mice in the City: New York in Guggenheim Museum(New York)


Times Square in New York 

© Ami Shin 

4_50jUd018svc15qvvvxy0ih56_ypwu89 (1).jp

Strand Bookstore in New York 

© Ami Shin 

For all publicity enquiries, please contact rights team of Thames&Hudson. 

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