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Children's spectator in Bologna bookfair 


Mice in the City:London 

The image of 'Shakespear's Globe Theater' in Mice in the City:London has been selected as a part of research project Mapping(The Children's Spectators) organized by Bologna Children's book fair and La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi(Theater for youth and children) in Bologna. 

Presentation of Mapping project will take place at 5:30 PM at the Illustrators cafe of Bologna Bookfair on Wednesday 3rd April 2019. 


From 22nd February to 4th April 2019, selected images of "The child as Spectator" will be featured 

in the exhibition hosted at the Testoni Theatre of Bologna. 

20190213_094148-1 (1).jpg

'Shakespear's Globe Theater' in 'Mice in the City:London'


'Mice in the City:London has been featured 

in a brochure from Bologna. 

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