Ian's Imaginary House 


Ian, an architect, invites his three friends, a scientist, an artist, and a gardener, to his house. 

After three friends look around Ian's fantastic house, they ask him to build new homes. 

Firstly Ian builds a house for Martin, who is a scientist. He loves to have a place filled with much scientific stuff in his home. And then Ian builds a house for Rafael, who is an artist. He loves to have a place like an art museum. Ian also builds a house for Valentino, who is a gardener. Valentino wants him to build a house with a lovely beautiful garden. 

Ian starts to imagine the houses they want, and in the end, he builds a place for each of them. 

Ian has a good idea to imagine a house where three friends can be satisfied. What kind of houses would Ian build after that? 

It is the story of accepting differences and thinking about coexistence. 

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