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Mice in the city:London

Play a game of hide-and-squeak with all of London’s mice.They’re flocking to the famous sights, so make sure you look twice!
A stripy cat and Sherlock Mouse peep out of every page. And every building’s packed with mice: the city is their stage! Every page is teeming with surprises and invites children to play ‘hide-and-squeak’ with a black-and-white cat, a mouse in a bee costume and a mysterious wrapped gift hidden on every page. This is one of series books of 'Mice in the city'. 

Please find 'Mice in the City:London' at the link below.


Chinese simplified. More editions are forthcoming


2020, Illustrators Exhibition 2020, Bologna Bookfair, Bologna, Italy

2019, Children's Spectator, Bologna Bookfair, Bologna, Italy 

2019, Applied Arts Magazine young blood entire illustration, Canada 

2019, 3x3 Illustration picture book shows Annual No.16 Merit, New York, US 

2016, Children's book new talent category winner, world illustration award 2016 by Association of Illustration(AOI), London, UK




"Iconic tall buildings in  London such as Rogers, Stirk, Harbour+Partners' "Cheesegrater' and Foster+Partners'

"Gerkin' have become pleasure-places for mice who are having a great time swimming, eating, drinking cocktails

and enjoying books, while hot-air balloons and airships fly outside. " -Ian Caldwell (Ian The Architect blog) 

"Mice swarm over London landmarks in Ami Shin's illustrations. -There are 1695 of them in her book Mice in the City. "-The Guardian 

"The use of delicate pastel colours on the line drawings makes the book really appealing and the large format gives it scope for lots of detail" -Parents in Touch

"These gorgeous books make you want to pick them up and lose yourself for five minutes poring over illustrations of iconic landmarks in the big city." -My Book Corner

"Every page is teeming with surprises and young children will have something new to spot every time they open the book" -Absolutely Mama

"Every [illustration] is full of things to delight and entertain" -Red Reading Hub

"Love search and find? You'll love this beautifully illustrated book, packed full with funny little mice." -Bambino Goodies

"This book is a handy map that includes some tasty visual games, such as finding eight hide and “squeak” elements on every page. "-New York journal of books 

"《城市裡的小老鼠》講述了一群小老鼠探索倫敦有趣建築的故事。" -kknews

"Each location features a highly detailed illustration in which surprises abound. " -Cracking the cover 

"Each London landmark is buzzing with mice activity and with eight different things to find in each, your tour of London will be full of fun and surprises. "- Pages of Joy

"Artistic mice with “mouse-spiration” perform magic tricks inside Tate Modern. So fun!" -World kids


Big Ben in London

© Ami Shin


The Shard in London 

©Ami Shin 

mice in london foyle.jpg

Mice in the city:London in Foyles Charing Cross Road bookstore(London, UK) 


Mice in the city:London in Blackwell's bookshop(Oxford,UK) 

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